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"Ok, where do I start…First, I think the world of Mindy! She is a brilliant, HIGHLY emotionally intelligent, wise, and empathetic coach and mentor. I was referred to Mindy by a respected leader in our organization who I confided in during a difficult time in my career. I was dealing with multi-faceted concerns around seeking career advancement and having difficult conversations with my management, including conversations around pay equity and informal work overload without formal title/acknowledgement. After hearing my concerns, this person said, “do you know Mindy? You have to talk to Mindy!”

When I first met with Mindy, I assumed several things …erroneously. I assumed she might not be able to relate to my concerns. I assumed I would be judged by her as complaining or making excuses. I assumed she would be biased to only see things from a pro-employer/organization view. I was blown away by Mindy’s empathy and solutions-oriented approach. She actively listened and HEARD me! I could cry because that alone was half the battle. Then she used appreciative inquiry to help me come up with an actionable plan that ultimately helped me to achieve the promotion that I desired.

Since that time, I often check in with Mindy before making important career decisions. That’s how much I respect her executive coaching and overall wisdom. She doesn’t know this but Mindy is a member of my career Board of Directors (along with my parents and husband) and I highly recommend that you make her a member of yours. You won’t regret your decision!"

Joan D. , Founder and Board Chairwoman, Liberia Economic Development Initiative (LEDI)

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